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Single & Double sided prints

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Extremely Durable Design

Gone are the days of cracked and faded designs. The latest in printing tech is the Direct to Film  [ DTF ] printing technique which gives a more vibrant print and can handle a solid beating. [ both from your washing machine and your local dhobi ]

Lightweight and Soft

TBF t-shirts are very comfortable with a densely knit fabric and durable stitching. They are taken through a process which reduces pilling and fuzziness of the fabric and makes it soft to the touch.

Custom Orders

Our endeavour is to try and put any picture/design you want on your tshirts, polos, hoodies and sweatshirts.  So hit us up on Instagram and we'll drum up something for you.

Envy Generating

Yup! we've had cases of pure green-eyed jealousy from friends of our customers. Consider yourselves fore-warned! 

Get to Know Us


We're Fun, we're Free, we're just like you! From binge watching Netflix to all night work marathons, showing up for video calls in our PJs and everything in between, we're not so different, are we?


Our Social Compass is super strong. We know that fashion is the second most polluting industry and we strive to reduce our carbon footprint wherever we can.

Equity OR 'Equal Opportunity for all' is really close to our heart at TBF. Therefore, we partner with marginalized communities in an effort to sensitize our society towards them. 

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